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Safe Conduct, LLC can develop custom training programs to suit your individual needs.  Due to our wide contacts in the security, military, and law enforcement fields, If we do not have a subject matter expert, we can find one for you.

Examples include the courses below.

Insider Threat

With years of experience developing and running insider threat programs, we offer customized training and consulting services to you on how to best detect and defeat these threats to your bottom line.

Policy Writing and Review

Our experts have been writing policy for both local and national organizations.  We are happy to assist you by reviewing your current policies.  We can also provide you a custom written policy for your security, screening, or other operational requirements.  This process may be done remotely, or we can come to your workplace.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

Security Assessments
Workplace Violence

Based on our behavioral assessment program, we help employers identify potentially violent employees and strategies to deflect or defuse that risk.  We do this either training in the employer’s workspace or providing a subject matter expert to consult directly with the employer on an emerging case.

Operations Security
IP Protection

Using commonly available security tools such as X-ray and Metal Detection, we can help you develop screening programs to prevent the loss of intellectual property, precious metals, and property.  We offer both training in the specialized use of these systems as well as consulting to develop the policies and procedures to implement the program.  Currently, this training is in use in factories and research centers worldwide.

Our principal has conducted security reviews and supervised security audits and inspections.  We can provide you with a customized assessment of your physical requirements, assist you in developing a risk-based assessment, and recommend mitigation strategies.  Our assessments can be conducted in conjunction with our penetration testing program.

Identifying and protecting critical information is a significant part of any security program or to protect your intellectual property.

Cannabis Consulting

With this emerging business sector comes unique risks and threats. We can offer advice and assessment on physical security, to include physical design, lighting, surveillance, and alarms, as well as counter-surveillance or surveillance detection. We can consult on personnel security, transportation security and emergency planning.

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