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Safe Conduct is a limited liability corporation, located in the Commonwealth of Virginia

People are more important than machines.  A well-trained operator can overcome poor gear but even the best equipment is useless without a trained user.  You cannot mass produce well trained and experienced personnel immediately after a crisis.  Training takes time and experience is hard won.

Over a thirty-year career, Clay Edwards has served in the military, worked in federal law enforcement, worked in the security industry, and received advanced academic education.  He brings a unique variety of skills, experience, and knowledge to Safe Conduct, LLC. 
After graduating with a degree from the College of William and Mary, Clay Edwards reported for duty as an infantry officer in the 101st Airborne Division.  He served for four years to include overseas during Operation Desert Storm.  In addition, he received training in communications security at Fort Gordon, Jungle Operations in Panama, and weapons of mass destruction in Kentucky.  
Following his time on active duty, he remained in the reserves transferring to Civil Affairs where he used his expertise to assist military operations as they came into contact with civilians.  He served as executive officer, assistant brigade intelligence officer (specializing in physical security), and special functions team member.  Recalled to active duty at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he led multiple missions in Baghdad until he was injured and returned to the United States.
Following his time in the army, Clay moved onto federal law enforcement beginning with the Immigration and Naturalization Service as a Detention Enforcement Officer.  From the INS he moved to the Border Patrol Academy for a brief period before joining the United States Marshals Service.  During over twenty years with the US Marshals, he served in multiple offices in the metropolitan DC area culminating with seven years with the Tactical Operations Division.
For the majority of his career Clay specialized in security serving as a Judicial Security Inspector responsible for the federal courts in Washington DC.  In that role he supervised a guard force of over seventy officers and a budget in excess of $4,000,000.  He planned and executed physical security projects including the construction and certification of classified facilities.  He also both investigated and supervised the investigations into threats against federal judges and other government personnel.
After being promoted to Assistant Chief Inspector, Clay served the remainder of his career in the Office of Security Programs at USMS headquarters.  While there he initiated the agency’s insider threat program becoming the first program in the Department of Justice to be certified by the National Insider Threat Task Force.  He also managed the operations security program, classified communications and documents program, workplace violence, identity security program, and was responsible for the physical security of the USMS headquarters buildings.
At the apex of his career, he served as the US Marshals Service Security Program Manager responsible for all the internal security operations including the aforementioned programs plus all the personnel security, special deputations, background investigations, and defensive counterintelligence.  He was responsible for forty employees, fifty contractors and a budget in excess of $7,000,000.

Following his retirement from the US Marshals Service in 2017, Clay went to work for DSA Detection as the Director of Training.  While with DSA Detection expanded the training program to include US government agencies, state and local governments, professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and nationally known entertainment venues.  Clay updated and expanded their training offerings.  He also served as one of the company’s Directors responsible for helping to guide the company through major projects.
In 2022, Clay left DSA Detection to Form Safe Conduct, LLC a full-service security training and consulting firm.  Since its opening in November of 2022, Safe Conduct has provided training to U.S. government facilities and security conscious corporations.
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