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Training Builds Skill, Skill Builds Confidence

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Safe Conduct provides realistic training based on experience, research, and best practices.  We constantly update our training to reflect the changes in the security environment.  Knowing that training can be challenging to fund, we provide the best training for your dollar.
Safe Conduct moves beyond the knob; our training is designed to get the most out of your operators by maximizing their ability to use the technology at their disposal. 
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Training paired with a realistic testing program can show the value of a good security program and demonstrate a return on your investment. We offer a variety of courses to fit your particular need.

We can provide advice and counsel on various security issues, including checkpoint design, policy, workplace violence and the development and management of a insider threat program.

The final step in any security program is practical testing. We offer overt or covert operations to test the ability of your systems to detect and repel potential threats. We can then provide written assessments and suggestions for further actions.

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